Saturday, 8 December 2012

Free Phone Number's Packages

There are a number of suppliers, who offer very competitive prices of non-geographic numbers. These figures do not make sense for large companies, but works fabulously from home, small and medium enterprises. Several companies have been benefited from the use of these numbers.

0800, 0808, 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871 are some of the UK free phone numbers that are used exclusively by the company. Each rating system has its own characteristics and functions, and thus varies the cost. Some systems offer free calling number as 0800 and 0808 numbers, while others offer a local call rates.

These figures come with calling plans, which make easy use of call management for the company. Call management is particularly useful when a significant number of calls taken per day, a call centers receive thousands of calls simultaneously and businesses can not afford to miss a single call. Therefore, they require special techniques of call management that can manage calls for it. NGN is an answer to their problems, because these numbers system offers various call management tools that are very effective to take calls smoothly. These packages include:

First, Automated Attendant service plan: This package supports each call with a brief welcome and then the call is sent to the department concerned. In this way, companies express their concern to the customer. This tool provides a professional form of the company's business.

Second, Call Routing Services: Routing of calls is central software as this tool allows a company to re-direct negotiations with the hot lines. The call is automatically diverted when he visited not for any reason. Each call of potential users is vital and businesses know their value.

Third, Fax to e-mail package: It is not possible to keep the visit to the office by fax to fax valuable customers. To avoid this, you can send the fax to e-mail package to activate their phone lines. This facilitates faxes automatically forwarded to the e-mail ID.

Fourth, Call whisper: This service filter important calls on the client side the call recipient can verify if the 08-digit call or other regular numbers came...

Fifth, Voice mail: The voicemail service ensures that the company do not miss a customer call. Appeal to customers is a top priority for the company and allows access voicemail by email or by dialing.
Several non-geographic number suppliers offer 08x serial numbers with different attractive packages of call management services. These packages allow business processes and functioning new heights. Some of the packages, which are very important in the management of call rush is information office of the company. Toll-free numbers are one of the best ways to promote products and services of the company by receiving and making calls at very reasonable prices.

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