Friday, 28 December 2012

0800 numbers for Small and Big Businesses

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0800 numbers are an essential part of the marketing strategy for most medium and large enterprises. It is known that the free 0800 numbers are free to call and they produce a massive increase in response to advertising.
But what about the small businesses or for worse, the individual entrepreneur? Well 0800 traditionally the reserve for the "big boys" only, not so much because of the cost, but just because you have a

landline number, the number 0800th It is useless if you are outside the "function" for 80% of days that many dealers are independent.
The ideal situation would be that the possibility of "changing" 0800 real-time to have your office number - Cell Phones - house number, etc. Even better, if the messages are made for you if you are not available. Better yet, if these messages can be saved and e-mail, or even a "live" answering machine, where a person has a message for you.
This is now a reality with the latest technologies in telecommunications following functions is now available for any business big or small:
•    Caller groups - Press 1 for sales, 2 for support for billing, 3, 4 etc.
•    Option Product Information - Store messages to your customers.
•    Reference to a landline or mobile phone in the UK and around the world - on request.
•    Intelligent call routing - calls are forwarded when and where you need it.
•    Voicemail Email - Share voicemail between services and personnel.
•    Personal Greeting- Make your own greeting
•    Caller ID - ideal for entrepreneurs with multiple businesses.
•    Time of Day Routing - Direct calls depending on the time of day.
•    Out of Office - Manual configuration of Office do not miss calls while you are away.
•    Second call - Put one call on hold and make a second call without a second line.
•    Call Transfer - Warning caller - a second call and the call.
•    Call Holding - Put one call on hold, such as the non-virtual tables.
•    Call Logging - Who was passed where the call is called and when.
•    Web Control - Full control 24/7.
Fax to Mail SERVICE:
•    Take faxes while you are away
•    Save and archive faxes on your computer
•    Exchange of faxes with your colleagues in a few seconds
•    Increase the security of your fax with encryption
•    Avoid the fax, and other operating expenses
•    Convenient o incoming faxes to your computer
•    Faxes in your e-mail as an image file TIFF / PDF
•    Faxes are delivered directly into your account immediately email
•    Provides complete privacy and mobility
•    It is easy to share with colleagues fax
•    Your fax number is never busy, that allows you to receive multiple faxes simultaneously, increasing productivity.
•    Virtual Portage - Move to use your existing numbers to all these functions.
All the above features are very low prices any number (0800 0844. 0845, 0870, 0871, 0201 and London numbers, 070 personal numbers) orders available on our website.
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